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“I am now 64 years old. I originally came to Dr. Hogan with back, neck and knee pain which I felt was impacting my mobility. This discomfort and pain had been present for years despite being active and living a healthy lifestyle. I had tried many other therapeutic approaches to limited success. The initial consultation was thorough and I felt heard. The treatments were gentle and methodical. Dr. Hogan explained everything she was doing and why, which I found both comforting and enlightening!

Once a primary source of discomfort was found, a more in depth physical mobility change occured in my body over the course of several visits. In my case, I had a long term set of misalignments due to having been rear ended in car accidents and from landing awkwardly from a fall. Dr. Hogan discovered a rib out of place and although the mobilization was intense, I felt immediate release and as though I could take a full breath without pain for the first time in ages. Each subsequent visit and mobilization brought further improvements. Often I get some muscle aches a day or so after the treatment as everything settles into a new way of being. This sensation is not uncomfortable… much like the feeling post a good workout.

I continue to see Dr. Hogan for maintenance and for any new injuries that may occur. I have recommended Dr. Hogan to many friends and clients of my own and will continue to do so.”

Helena B

“When I seriously hurt my groin in November of 2020, I thought my hockey playing season was done for sure but my wife recommended I go see Andrea to help with the recovery process. We got started right away with treatments in office and stretching every night and by the middle of December I was barely feeling my groin anymore and managed to slowly return to hockey. She also had a look at some long-term issues I had that I told her about including persistent blinking and left knee pain that she managed to fix up as well. Each treatment with her was low impact and I felt results right away with any soreness afterwards gone away after a day or two. Coming into the summer time she’s helped with back discomfort from a car accident and even allergies were alleviated from visiting her. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone having long term lingering injuries or even minor day to day discomforts. It really makes a difference in everyday life!”

Zak, age 35

“I started seeing Dr. Hogan for treatment for ongoing neck and shoulder pain in 2017. I was referred to her by my yoga instructor.  I literally walked in to see her on my first appointment hunched over, my shoulders touching my ears and a constant pain that I could not manage.  Her initial assessment and treatment provided relief. I was so excited to feel less pain! I committed to seeing her regularly for a few months. She uncovered, and recovered, many neck, shoulder and back problems.  Each and every appointment brought me relief, less pain, and improved mobility.  I started to call her “Magic Hands”! Her manual treatment coupled with excellent investigating questions always got to the root of the problems I presented to her.

Fast forward 4 years, I am her biggest fan and most loyal patient.  Andrea’s thorough approach to my health has brought me to a pain free life where we now manage a few tweaks here and there. I have referred many friends and colleagues to her who have also experienced great relief. 5 stars all the way Dr. Hogan!”


“Since the age of 19 I have had problems with my lower back. Through the years, I’ve tried acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic. As time went on, my back stopped responding to these therapies.  My very last back injury was back in 2018. My vertebrae were twisted, and I had nerve damage done to my outer left calf muscle (due to an exercise that my physiotherapist gave to me at that time).  For 6 months I was in constant pain. One leg seemed longer than the other and I had a bad limp when walking.  Then one day, someone at work told me about osteopathy and how another co-worker who had similar issues that I had, went to osteo and they fixed him up in no time. So, I said to myself “why not give it a try, I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.” I started seeing Andrea in September of that year and I haven’t looked back. The very first day that I had my consultation with her, the pain instantly went away. With her help and my determination, I made sure that I would never be in that much back pain again.

Thank you so much Andrea for what you have done to improve my quality of life and thanks for your determination and commitment to your field of work. You are there for your patients and it truly shows.

Derek G

“I am a 61 year old female and was very skeptical about seeing a manual Osteopath in the beginning but just after one visit I was very happy to have made that choice. I initially went there because of chronic lower back pain, sciatic pain and shoulder/neck pain. I had been doing physio for a few years which would make me feel a bit better but the pain would always come back. I would always have to resort to taking Tylenol for Arthritis, use heat wraps or other medication.

I have been seeing Dr. Andrea Hogan for about a year and a half and I feel better than I ever have. I am doing a maintenance program right now and return approximately every 4-6 weeks for follow-up. I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering in pain. It’s made a major difference in my life.  Thank you, Andrea, for helping me live pain free.”

Irene, age 61

“In January 2021 I threw my back out reaching for something on a shelf. In February 2021 I threw it out a second time assembling some cabinetry. I am 27, I work 60 hours a week on my feet, I go to the gym 5 days a week, and played sports my entire life throwing my back out doing simple daily tasks was a shock. I was put on heavy pain medication and muscle relaxers, taken off work and was told to see chiropractic, physiotherapy as well as massage therapy. After 4 months of no improvement my pain was deemed chronic… I am 27 years old; this was devastating to hear.

I heard of osteopathy before, like most Newfoundlanders the term was new to me so I was skeptical. I had just spent thousands of dollars on 4 months of medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage (I have no insurance) and if anything, I was worse. I booked an osteopathy appointment with Dr. Andrea Hogan ASAP after a recommendation, and showed up in literal tears of pain and defeat. I, like most of you, thought it was not going to work because I didn’t understand it. I decided to trust Andrea fully, stopped medication and seeing any therapist but her. After just the first session I left in tears, only this time of relief. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t understand it, I didn’t care; I was pain free. As per Andrea’s recommendation I followed up every week the next 4 weeks and each appointment I was doing better and better. She was always very gentle and cautious of any pain or fear of being touched that I had. She asked me if her pressure was comfortable every step of the way.

Because of osteopathy with Andrea, my body now knows how to decompress pain should it ever rear its ugly head – though now it rarely does! I am not chronic, I actually live an improved lifestyle, she tackled pain and anxieties I didn’t even know were there as I had become accustomed to living with them. Last weekend I drove 8 hours straight, went white water rafting, and climbed Gros Morne mountain and had NO pain – at all. She even was able to help with the kidney stones I had! – Unreal. I recommend Andrea to everyone I meet for every problem they have!

Melanie, 27 years old

“I’ve suffered from daily chronic lower back pain for years, usually I can function pretty well but at times I will “put my back out” and be laid up for a week to ten days or sometimes much longer. Putting my back out for me means being bent over and having my hips go off to the right making it impossible to straighten up and this causes me to suffer from some pretty intense pain. I’ve tried all available treatments, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc. all with limited success and slow progress.

Recently, I tried Dr. Andrea Hogan’s Osteopathy treatment and I was truly amazed by the results! I walked in with my hips out of line and bent over at the waist and after just one 30-minute session I was able to walk out straight and tall with my pain reduced by 80%, a truly amazing result! Just one more follow up treatment the following week and I was pain free. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced those types of rapid results in my 30 plus years with this problem…the first time ever! I would highly recommend Dr. Hogan for back pain treatment or pretty much any other pain related ailments you might have. The results can be truly amazing!

R.N, age 61

“I originally came to see Andrea after a friend recommended, she may be able to help with sinus issues and pelvic/hip/leg pain I had been dealing with for over 2 years. For both issues I previously consulted different specialists, tried different medications, several different physiotherapists, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture you name it I tried it. All of those different things I tried sometimes gave temporary relief but nothing long lasting. After my first osteopathy appointment with Andrea I was shocked and how much better I felt that quickly when it didn’t seem like Andrea really did very much.  I also learned how much more manual osteopaths can treat, it is much more than bones, muscles and nerves. I had mentioned at one appointment issues that I had with chronic reflux and how my medication was not helping Andrea said she could help with that, and she was right. After that treatment I had no reflux, it was amazing!

The osteopathy treatments are very gentle, any manual treatments are very slight and painless, no awkward positions and jerky, painful movements as often happens with other physical therapies. I also love that the appointments are only 30 minutes and Andrea is busy with you and only you for the full 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend Andrea and osteopathy to anyone with similar issues to me. I have felt so much better since seeing Andrea, and have even saved time and money by no longer needing to avail of other therapies and medications. If you have a chronic issue that is not improving, I highly recommend you see Andrea.

Brittany H. 30 years old

“Andrea’s specialized technique has been the most impactful treatment method I have experienced for: correcting skeletal alignment – which of course includes the release of muscle tightness, the healing of old injuries, and ultimately the release of pain and the regaining of movement and flexibility.

Andrea was recommended to me by a friend who also experienced profound improvements and healing from Andrea’s approach. I immediately arranged for my husband to begin working with her – as he has a degenerative hereditary condition that greatly impacts his ability to control his lower body. Andrea’s specialized training and approach has given my husband the most relief from the physical strains caused by his condition and the most hope for him to manage his condition the best he can.  My husband says: “I don’t understand how it works but when you go there on a regular basis you can definitely feel the difference in your body. It makes you aware of the connections in your body even though you don’t think of them. As she works on your presenting issues and makes corrections it causes other underlying issues to present themselves and those then can also be dealt with and corrected. She is really able to find and treat what is truly at the root of your issues.”

My husband (now 54 years young) initially went to see Andrea about consistent lower back pain, tightness in his legs and leg cramps which he had been dealing with for the previous 2 years. He finds the treatments gentle but impactful and always feels great relief and improvement at the end of session.

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    “I originally began to see Andrea for chronic neck pain, I had for several years that caused me to lose a lot of time at work. I had previously tried other types of therapy but nothing worked. I was very pleased after my first appointment with Andrea, for the first time in years I could tip my head side to side with no pain. Andrea was also able to help me with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) that I have had all of my life. After a couple of Osteopathy treatments, the symptoms and pain from IBS decreased drastically. The treatments are very low impact and painless, I always feel a thousand times better after a treatment. I would highly recommend anyone with neck pain or IBS to go see Andrea.”

    Matthew C, 30 years old

    “I had been suffering from low back pain, neck pain, leg pain, hand and feet pain and general stiffness for a number of years. My cousin, a retired PE teacher, recommended Dr. Andrea Hogan as she had worked wonders with his pain as well as the pain experienced by members of his family. I am so glad I took his advice. While the approach seemed strange at first because it was so different from any intervention I had received previously, it worked to relieve my stiffness and pain. The headaches from my neck pain are gone, I am standing up much straighter and can move around with much more ease. Much to my surprise, she discovered things I hadn’t even told her about and found causes for my pain that were not what I expected. Her treatments are so gentle and relaxing but effective. At 63 years old, I feel younger than I have in years, after suffering the effects of walking and standing on hard floors throughout my career. If you are experiencing pain, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea. She amazes me, even the fact that she can remember and pronounce all the Latin nerve terms!”


    “Hi my name is Pam and I’m 64 years old. My niece had referred me to Dr Hogan as she had so many issues with her back for years. She’s told me many times that Dr Hogan gave her life back, so I decided to go & check it out for myself.

    I’ve had two rotator cuffs surgeries in the past 8 years.  I’ve had difficulty raising my arms, very limited rotation in both arms and I have had pain in my neck since the surgeries.  I figured that’s it, I’m 64 years old & that’s as good as it gets!  But not so, since I’ve seen Dr. Hogan my pain is gone and I can actually turn my head from side to side without pain and effort- it’s amazing.

    I’ve also had arthritis in my lower back & knees for years. I figured, that’s my age and this is good as it gets and I’ve learned to live with it but not so: age is just a number and we certainly don’t have to be in pain if we can help it.  I’ve had 6 sessions now with Dr. Hogan and I feel great, I’ve got more mobility in my knees & I feel fantastic. You don’t have to be in pain just because you’re getting older.  Dr. Hogan gave me a new chapter in my life. I feel fantastic and energetic again.  Dr. Hogan has proved to me that you can feel good at any age. Thank you, Dr. Hogan, for making me feel good & pain free again”

    Pam, 64

    “I began treatment with Dr. Hogan several years ago. My initial problem was hip discomfort and neck pain. In my initial assessment, I remember Dr. Hogan examining my scalp and telling me to let her know if I felt pain anywhere. This is when I remembered the tender spot I had had on my scalp for several years. She proceeded to explain about “cranial’s” and after I left the office, that pain had disappeared. Another memorable visit was a time when she was treating things on my right side and was a little baffled that the treatment wasn’t holding. As she proceeded with my treatment, she asked if I had bumped my head and as I thought about it, I remembered bumping my head on the corner of an open window about a week before that visit. She said bumping my head threw everything off. Whenever I see Dr. Hogan, I mention anything that is bothersome, from pain to discomfort. She begins treatment of the most bothersome and works through whatever there is time for. Treatments are gentle, low impact and non-invasive. I find it takes a few days (3-4) for me to feel the benefits of the treatments, but the results are always positive. I continue to see Dr. Hogan regularly to maintain the gains that have been made. I have and would highly recommend osteopathy as a form of treatment.

    M.J. 57 yrs.

    “I came to Dr. Andrea Hogan with lower back pain which I had suffered with for several years. I am 58 years old and when speaking to my 88 year old father I expressed to him that I was fully prepared to age with grey hair, soft wrinkles and my body becoming a bit softer. What I wasn’t prepared for as I aged was chronic pain.  I was recommended to see Dr. Hogan by a co-worker who suffered from similar issues.  After just one treatment I was amazed at the relief I experienced.  The treatments were gentle and low impact.  I couldn’t be happier with my treatment results and overall experience.  So happy in fact, that when talking to people I meet who are experiencing back or neck pain I tell them about the success I have had.  I highly recommended Dr. Andrea Hogan. 

    Susan, age 58

    “I suffered for years with knee, back and neck pain due to osteoarthritis. The pain was mostly under control except for flare-ups that were excruciating and severely impacted my life, particularly as I developed a serious allergy to arthritic medications five years ago. My niece recommended osteopathy and luckily, I FINALLY took her advice! I literally hobbled into Dr. Hogan’s office for my assessment and first treatment and I walked out an hour later pain-free! The treatment was surprisingly gentle with no discomfort or pain. Dr. Hogan is very professional, kind and approachable. I wish I had found osteopathy years ago; the last 5 years of my 67 years would have been more productive (gardening) and enjoyable!”


    “I came to see Dr. Hogan after continuing to experience migraines and extreme neck pain/tension for several months. I was really (really) pleasantly surprised just how gentle osteopathy treatment was but also how effective it was.  The “pressure” associated with it is lighter than a massage but is extremely helpful. I felt better after each treatment and consistently each week after that.

    Dr. Hogan is a great communicator and puts you at ease.  She is dedicated to her patients, and you know she is with you every step of your health journey, promising you’re not alone.  You can ask her questions, and she takes the time to listen and hear you and sort out any issues you raise. I would absolutely recommend osteopathy to others and I am very grateful to Dr. Hogan.”

    Stephanie, 40 years old

    “I have been plagued with a ‘bad back’ since the age of 20. I was in and out of every therapy for years and years (I am now in my 40’s) but just learned to live with it. After a few sessions with Dr. Hogan, I felt incredible, and my back is no longer restricting my everyday activities. She is incredibly knowledgeable, gentle and kind, and she genuinely cares about her patients. I highly recommend Osteopathy and Dr. Hogan!”